Career and Professional:

NUPF Symposium: Building a Successful and Satisfying Career – The Power of Research at Northwestern and Beyond | September 3rd Chicago Campus

An event showcasing the valuable skill of research communication through oral and poster presentations and providing career development activities with advice designed to improve your professional life.

NUPF Brown Bag Series

This series was created to provide a way to bring postdocs together with individuals who sat on the Alternative Career Panel hosted on December 11th to continue discussions over an informal, “bring your own lunch” setting. Small groups at the lunches facilitated one-on-one conversation, and attendees enjoyed receiving personalized guidance.

Fruma Yehiely, Director of Office of Research Development (3/25/14, Evanston Campus)

Phil Hockberger, Associate Professor of Physiology, Director of Core Facilities (4/16/14, Chicago Campus)

David Tiemeier, Senior Director of Innovation and New Ventures Office (5/27/14, Evanston Campus)

Michael Blayney, Executive Director for Research Safety (6/17/14, Chicago Campus)


International Food Festival Potluck/BBQ | July 10/24th Both Campuses!

Connect with your fellow postdocs and learn more about cuisines from around the world!


NUPF invitation to attend “In the Garden” | June 13th Looking Glass Theatre

“Before he forever changes the world with The Origin of Species, a young Charles Darwin meets Emma Wedgwood and they forever change each other. Although Darwin is a strict scientist and Wedgwood is religious, the pair strikes up an unexpected and unlikely romance. In the Garden, presented by the Tony winning Looking glass Theatre, chronicles the struggle of these two fiercely independent individuals, divided by ideology but united by their passion for debate and love for each other.”

Discounted tickets to Paul Taylor Dance Company | May 18th Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University
“The Paul Taylor Dance Company returns to the Auditorium, bringing Mr. Taylor’s ever-burgeoning repertoire to our landmark stage. Mr. Taylor is the last living member of the pantheon that created America’s indigenous art of modern dance, and continues to win public and critical acclaim for the vibrancy, relevance, and power of his creations.  The San Francisco Chronicle proclaims, “The American spirit soars whenever Taylor’s dancers dance.”
NUPF invitation to attend a performance of Russian Transport | April 18th Steppenwolf Theatre

A rowdy Russian family in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is on a daily hustle to achieve the American Dream. When Uncle Boris arrives from the old country, his mysterious business ventures force the family to decide just how far they are willing to go to come out on top. A funny, passionate family drama that slyly transforms into a heart-pounding thriller, Russian Transport is a fascinating look at the contemporary American immigrant experience.

Annual NUPF Networking Event | February 18/19th Both campuses!

Take a break from your busy research day and join us for our annual Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum networking event! Take this opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow postdocs and learn more about the resources for postdocs at Northwestern University.

Monthly Coffee Hours | Both campuses!