Current Committee Members

NUPF Chair

VeronikaVeronika Hoeke – I have been a postdoc in the Chemistry Department since November 2013, studying enzyme catalysis through paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy in Brian Hoffman’s lab. I joined the International Committee of NUPF soon after arriving at Northwestern, and became committee chair in August 2014. In that role, I led the committee in finalizing and publishing a comprehensive resource guide for incoming international postdocs, and in organizing two new events: a professional development workshop on intercultural communication; and a novel event series named “Cultures & Cuisines”, which brings together Northwestern postdocs from all countries to share and discover foreign cultures through the combination of authentic food and a cultural entertainment program developed by the committee. Since November 2015, I have served as chair of NUPF, looking to strengthen the visibility of the postdoctoral community within Northwestern, expand collaborations with other organizations, and ultimately enhance the experience of all postdocs at Northwestern University.

NUPF Administrative Coordinator

SumSumeyye Yar – I have been a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Hossein Ardehali at the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute since May 2014. I have joined NUPH Career and Professional Development Committee (CAP) in May 2015, and helped organizing career development events for NU postdocs. I currently serve NUPF as an Administrative Coordinator and an active member of the CAP committee. As an Administrative Coordinator, I assist coordination between NUPF sub-committees,maintain activity records and manage communications to NUPF members. I am looking forward to further support the postdoctoral community at NU and enhance the overall postdoctoral experience in our community. 

NUPF Treasurer

Dr Haley E Titus SquareHaley Titus – I am a newly minted NMSS post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Stephen D. Miller in the department of Microbiology-Immunology at Feinberg School of Medicine.  I am currently serving NUPF as a member of the Social Committee.  I am excited to serve NUPF as treasurer.  I have served on dozens of committees and boards in various capacities.

NUPF Career and Professional Development Committee Chair


Marco Biancucci – I received my PhD in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science from University of Siena, Italy. I am a third year postdoctoral fellow in Karla Satchell’s lab studying bacterial toxins and their possible developments as treatments and tools in cancer biology. I joined the CAP committee of NUPF in January 2015 and I was actively involved in the organization of many NUPF events. My mission is to improve the professional career development for postdoc at Northwestern University, expand the NUPF professional network, consolidate the position of NUPF in organizing events with other academic organizations and with biopharmaceutical industries.

NUPF International Committee Chair


Sriram Boothalingam – I am currently a postdoc at the Auditory Research Lab at the School of Communication. I study how the brain influences peripheral hearing systems for selectively gating relevant information amidst a cacophony of sounds. I have been a team-member of the NUPF International committee since February 2015 and as a chair since January 2016. I feel very privileged to be a part of this vibrant and enthusiastic team.  During this term, our team successfully conducted two Cultures and Cuisines events, and are currently involved in planning for an ‘intercultural communication’ workshop. We also kickstarted two new events, PubSci and SundayFunday. We also collaborate with other organization across the campus to conduct fun events. I am looking forward to all the great things in store for the NUPF and NU postdocs this year!

NUPF Social and Personal Development Committee Chair

MichelleMichelle Harris – I’m a postdoc in Chemistry in Michael Wasielewski’s lab working with ultrafast lasers to study electron donor-acceptor systems. I’ve been a part of the NUPF social committee since May 2015 and am the current social committee chair for 2016. I think social events are a crucial part of one’s career if not only for the sake of one’s mental health but also for making potentially lifelong connections and learning about different fields while exploring Chicago. I organize monthly events for postdocs to meet, network, and build a community. Over this past year, we’ve incorporated monthly casual meet up events to explore a variety of activities from Oscar movies, to the civic orchestra, to cleaning up parks in Evanston. I look forward to more great events and meeting more great postdocs!

NUPF Website and Social Media Coordinator Co-Chair

JustinJustin Eddy – My name is Justin Eddy and I am a second year post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Wyndham Lathem in the Microbiology and Immunology Department. I  joined the NUPF Career and Professional Development (CAP) Committee in 2015. As part of the Website and Social Media Team I am helping both advertise and distribute news of NUPF events and activities to a broader audience and thus help increase awareness and attendance of NUPF events. As a co-chair I maintain a central website to help post-docs find the resources they need for a productive and enjoyable post-doctoral experience at Northwestern. When I’m not in science-mode, I enjoy reading and cooking.

NUPF Website and Social Media Coordinator Co-Chair

dean-procterDean Procter – Having only recently finished my PhD in Sydney, Australia, I am now six months into my first post-doc in the Walsh Lab. I use a lot of basic molecular techniques and live-cell fluorescent microscopy to study Herpesviruses and their regulation of microtubule dynamics and transport during assembly and egress. Before moving to Chicago, I worked for a short time in the office of Australia’s first Muslim female politician. I’d like to continue using/developing the communication and organizing skills I learnt there for NUPF.

NUPF Advisor

Jennifer E. Hobbs, PhD,Assistant Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development, joined the OPA as Director in 2011, following her postdoctoral training at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.



NUPF Advisor


Kristen K. Mighty, PhD, MPH, Senior Program Coordinator for Postdoctoral Affairs, joined the OPA as Program Administrator in 2014, following her postdoctoral training at Rush University Medical Center.