Social Committee


The Social Committee provides opportunities for the post-doctoral community at both the Evanston and Chicago campuses with opportunities and venues to promote positive dialog and social interactions between post-doctoral fellows and to enhance their experience and connection with Northwestern University.


  • Enhance the social interactions among postdoctoral fellows by providing networking opportunities and venues for the Northwestern post-doctoral community to:
    • communicate and discuss issues relevant to postdoctoral fellows at Northwestern University.
    • promote positive dialogue among postdoctoral fellows, faculty members, administrators and the University.
  • Design and implement activities for the post-doctoral community to:
    • increase the social interactions among postdoctoral fellows.
    • enhance the personal development of postdoctoral fellows.
  • Evaluate, organize, and effectively distribute information and resources available to Northwestern Post-Doctoral Fellows via new technologies and social media platforms

2015 Activities highlighting these goals:

  • Monthly Coffee Breaks at both Evanston and Chicago campuses
  • Financial Planning for Postdocs
  • Annual Networking Events to promoter collaborations
  • Monthly Happy Hours involving the post-doctoral communities from both Evanston and Chicago campuses
  • The Intellectual Property Field coffee break
  • Concept design and implementation of a new website to distribute and promote NUPF activities
  • Increased presence on social media platforms to increase awareness of NUPF


NUPF Social and Personal Development Committee Chair

MichelleMichelle Harris – I’m a postdoc in Chemistry in Michael Wasielewski’s lab working with ultrafast lasers to study electron donor-acceptor systems. I’ve been a part of the NUPF social committee since May 2015 and am the current social committee chair for 2016. I think social events are a crucial part of one’s career if not only for the sake of one’s mental health but also for making potentially lifelong connections and learning about different fields while exploring Chicago. I organize monthly events for postdocs to meet, network, and build a community. Over this past year, we’ve incorporated monthly casual meet up events to explore a variety of activities from Oscar movies, to the civic orchestra, to cleaning up parks in Evanston. I look forward to more great events and meeting more great postdocs!

NUPF Website and Social Media Coordinator Co-Chair

JustinJustin Eddy – My name is Justin Eddy and I am a second year post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Wyndham Lathem in the Microbiology and Immunology Department. I  joined the NUPF Career and Professional Development (CAP) Committee in 2015. As part of the Website and Social Media Team I am helping both advertise and distribute news of NUPF events and activities to a broader audience and thus help increase awareness and attendance of NUPF events. As a co-chair I maintain a central website to help post-docs find the resources they need for a productive and enjoyable post-doctoral experience at Northwestern. When I’m not in science-mode, I enjoy reading and cooking.

NUPF Website and Social Media Coordinator Co-Chair

dean-procterDean Procter – Having only recently finished my PhD in Sydney, Australia, I am now six months into my first post-doc in the Walsh Lab. I use a lot of basic molecular techniques and live-cell fluorescent microscopy to study Herpesviruses and their regulation of microtubule dynamics and transport during assembly and egress. Before moving to Chicago, I worked for a short time in the office of Australia’s first Muslim female politician. I’d like to continue using/developing the communication and organizing skills I learnt there for NUPF.